Billing Policies

     We prefer to invoice for services in advance, to allow full collection of payment at the time of the event.  If this is not possible according to school procedures, or other requirements, please let our staff know in advance so that appropriate arrangements.  Receipts for event-related expenses will be submitted to your school or organization after the event, and we request payment within 30 days from the date of submission.  Unless other arrangements are made, service-receivers pay all DISCOVER-incurred expenses related to the event(s), including travel, accommodations, per diem meal allowance, materials, and any other necessary event-related items.  Payment for services should be made payable to The DISCOVER Projects.  Payment of expenses, when they are submitted for reimbursement, should be made payable to the individual DISCOVER staff member(s) who conducted the services.  An invoice and copy of receipts will accompany any requests for expenses reimbursement.

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