Re-Certification for Observers and Trainers  

     Re-certification serves several purposes.  As previously mentioned, the process assures that the Observer or Trainer remains up-to-date with the latest Assessment research and revisions.  It also allows us to track who, and which programs, remain(s) active.  It satisfies our obligation to the University of Arizona to document the status of sub-licensees annually and provides quality control.  The process necessary for re-certification will vary with each location, and likely will be different from year to year. 

     Some of the components used for re-certification may include the following:

§         We might ask a school to send samples of Assessment documentation, so that we can spot check the decisions being reached by individual Observers or the entire Assessment team.

§         We might ask for an Assessment (or Assessment Training) to be videotaped or web cast, so that we can conduct an outside analysis of the results, or monitor performance.

§         As significant changes in Assessment design or procedures occur, we will organize update seminars and may ask that a representative Observer or Trainer attend and then relay the material to the other team members.

§         As the newly proposed on-line training of DISCOVER develops, we may ask individuals to complete on-line training segments, to stay current.

§         In cases where there is significant Observer turn-over, where only a small number of Assessments occur per year (especially if they are widely dispersed), or where the DISCOVER program is temporarily discontinued and then restarted, we may ask for another standard Assessment training, to assure performance of the Observers and/or Trainer does not slip.

§         We might monitor a program directly throughout the year, in cases where DISCOVER is in regular contact through the performance of services or related activities.

§         New programs will receive closer scrutiny, compared to those more established.  However, we might ask an established program to bring in a DISCOVER trainer on roughly three year intervals, to check for “drift” away from standardized Assessment procedures.

     A DISCOVER staff member will work with each Trainer and/or School Coordinator to draft a re-certification plan specific to that school’s needs. 

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