Seminar & Speech Topics

     Dr. Maker and DISCOVER staff members regularly present on a variety of topics.  The categories below represent a few of the possibilities.  Seminars use the latest in digital presentation techniques and, where applicable, contain hands-on audience participation components.  Also, depending on the time allotted, the topics presented below can be combined as desired.

Multiple Intelligences

     *      Identification of Multiple Intelligences
     *      A New View of Gifted Learners: Looking through the Lens of Multiple Intelligences
     *      Identifying and Developing Multiple Intelligences and Giftedness in Native Children
     *      Identifying and Developing Multiple Intelligences and Giftedness in Hispanic Children
     *      Identifying and Developing Multiple Intelligences and Giftedness in African American
     *      Multiple Intelligences Theory and Its Possible Applications

Problem Solving

     *      Integrating the Concepts of Intelligence and Creativity through Problem Solving
     *      Problem Solving:  The Core Curriculum for the New Millennium
     *      Giftedness, Diversity, and Problem Solving
     *      Problem Solving:  A Process Approach to Identifying Giftedness in Special Populations
     *      Kid Watching: Assessing LEP Children's Problem Solving Strengths


     *      Gifted Children Are Gifted 24 Hours a Day!
     *      Growing Up Gifted:  Challenges for Parents and Educators
     *      Teaching the Gifted:  Focus on Higher Levels of Thinking
     *      Identifying and Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children Birth to 8 Years
     *      Broadening our Conceptions of Who the Gifted are
     *      Extending Learning for Gifted Students in Regular Classrooms
     *      Components of a Good Program for the Gifted
     *      Curriculum and Teaching Strategies for Gifted Students
     *      Integrating Meaningful Content with Process in Teaching Gifted Students
     *      Trends in Education of the Gifted
     *      The Future of Education for the Gifted
     *      Current Research and Special Problems of the Gifted and Talented
     *      Developing a Program for the Gifted

Diversity & Minority Issues

     *      Education & Diversity
     *      Teaching Strategies for Developing Higher-Level Thought; a New Look at Quality Education for Gifted Minorities
     *      DISCOVER Assessment: A Useful Tool for Identifying Gifted Minority Students
     *      New Directions in Identifying and Providing Programs for Gifted Hispanic Students
     *      Diversity and Giftedness in Young Children
     *      Non-Biased Assessment and Development of Students from Diverse Ethnic, Linguistic, and Cultural Backgrounds
     *      Barriers to the Identification of Gifted Minority Students
     *      Serving Minority Gifted Youth
     *      Multiculturalism in Gifted Education
     *      Bilingualism, Language Acquisition, and the Identification of Giftedness

ADHD & Special Needs

     *      Discovering and Teaching Gifted Hearing Impaired Children
     *      A Special Population:  Meeting the Needs of the Gifted Handicapped
     *      ADHD Related to Giftedness
     *      Qualitative Assessment of LEP Children to Identify Giftedness
     *      The Gifted & Handicapped, Teaching Strategies & Curricula for Developing Abstract Reasoning Skills
     *      Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities
     *      Identification of Gifted Students from Under-Served Populations

Curriculum & Teaching

     *      General principles of Curriculum Development
     *      Curriculum Modifications Appropriate for Gifted Students
     *      Differentiating Curricula for Social Studies, Math and Science, and English/Language Arts
     *      Instructional Delivery Models; and Curriculum Organization
     *      Sample Units and Curriculum Plans for the Gifted
     *      The Hilda Taba Teaching Strategies
     *      Issues of Scope and Sequence
     *      Strategies for Developing Abstract Reasoning Skills
     *      Acceleration vs. Enrichment
     *      Developing and Implementing Interdisciplinary Curricula for Gifted Students

The Arts

     *      How to Recognize and Nurture Artistic Gifts and Talents
     *      Multiple Intelligences Theory and the Arts


     *      DISCOVER Projects:  The Concept and Its Applications
     *      DISCOVER: An Observational Assessment Process
     *      The DISCOVER Assessment and Curriculum Model
     *      Developing Creativity: The DISCOVER Experience
     *      The Research Behind the DISCOVER Models
     *      DISCOVER Projects:  What Lies Ahead

General Topics

    *      Live Your Passion!
     *      A Model Global Interactive Learning Center
     *      Problems in Cross-Cultural Testing

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