Speaking Arrangements

     The following information applies specifically to Dr. Maker but in general is the similar for all DISCOVER staff.  Any additional needs or changes for specific engagements or personnel will be confirmed in advance.   

     Dr. Maker uses computer-based presentation materials for all speaking engagements and trainings.  She travels with a computer and projector but generally uses the on-site projector when one is availableóespecially mounted projectors in facilities such as staff development rooms or conference halls. In the highly unlikely event of Dr. Makerís computer failing, she carries copies of all presentation materials on a portable USB hard drive and on a CD, either of which can be used to load the presentations onto the local backup computer. Typically she requests audio hookup to support use of digital video clips embedded in the presentations.  She also prefers a wireless microphone to allow direct interaction and demonstration with audience members.  We recognize, however, that remote locations do not always have all the right equipment and this is not a problem.  For small audiences (100 or less) Dr. Makerís presentation setup is self-contained and she needs only power and a power strip to plug in various devices. 

     Certain props are necessary, as well.  She requests a low table for the projector (if the on-site projector is not mounted), a high table or flat stand for the computer (which faces her and is used to monitor the presentation), and a small table or stand to the right of the computer for the mouse (the presentation may be controlled with either an attached mouse or a wireless mouse).  During presentations to small groups (such as workshops, trainings, etc.), participants should be seated at tables so they can manipulate various hands-on materials used throughout the sessions.  Finally, any room used for presentations should have the capability of being at least partially darkened, to accommodate the projector.

     Arrangements Applicable to Dr. Maker and all DISCOVER staff:  We request the hotel expenses be direct-billed to the school, organization or individuals ordering services.  We also request accommodations be close to the scheduled event, so that taxis can replace the necessity of renting a car, if possible.  Receipts for taxi expenses or car rental expenses will be submitted after the event, for reimbursement.  Also, our policy is to charge a per diem rate that will vary depending on the place we are visiting. We prefer to book our own travel arrangements (coach) and submit the receipts for reimbursement.  Any other expenses related to the event, such as materials or forms, will be invoiced or submitted as receipts for reimbursement.

     Arrangements Specific to Dr. Maker:  Dr. Maker requests the hotel room be non-smoking, as far removed from the smoking-section as possible, and that it be in a quiet area, away from entry ways, ice machines, etc.  (If comparably priced, she much prefers staying in a bed & breakfast with historic character.)  She always prefers to travel on the day before the event, to have a nightís rest and not be rushed.  Unless other arrangements are specified, she usually takes the first available flight home after the event.  Dr. Maker does not have absolute dietary restrictions but normally she avoids red meat and dairy products.  Her preferences in restaurants are those serving fresh seafood, or otherwise international cuisine, such as Thai, Mexican, or Japanese sushi.

     Please discuss preferences for other DISCOVER staff members directly with the appropriate individuals before the scheduled event.

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