Parent/Community-Based Services  

Option 4:  Pre-School Individual Assessment (Ages 3-5)

     In the Pre-School Assessment, a certified DISCOVER team member comes to your home or other familiar environment to work with your child.  The team member videotapes the activities, photographs the child's constructions, and takes extensive notes about what s/he sees.  Afterwards, the team reviews the videotape and completes a detailed report about your child's problem solving strengths in multiple intelligences.  Following the team analysis, a team member schedules an individual conference with you to discuss your child's strengths, make recommendations for educational programs, and suggest ways you can help your child develop her or his strengths.  You will receive a copy of the videotape, notes, photographs, and a profile of your child's problem solving abilities that can be given to those interested in your child's development.


     In Tucson:  $600 per child

Optional components:

    1) A personal interview is offered to gather information about your child’s interests and learning experiences, as well as your perceptions of his or her strengths.  This interview is an excellent way of helping the child and parents integrate the Assessment results into the everyday learning environment. ($60 per student)

   2) Observations of the student in his/her educational setting is available.  This option, coupled with the Assessment, is particularly useful and effective for a child who is struggling.  The DISCOVER Observer can make suggestions for improving both the learning environment and the learning style of your child.  Availability of this option is conditional upon the child’s educator(s) granting permission for such an observation and upon schedule coordination between the Observer and the facilities.  Advance preparations are necessary. ($150 per student)

   3) A conference with the child’s educator(s) to assist in creating a better learning environment is also available.  In this option, the DISCOVER staff member goes with you to meet with educator(s) and acts as an advocate for the child.  The educator(s) may not know how to use the Assessment results and may be unfamiliar with the many effective learning techniques advocated by DISCOVER.  With this option, you can help the educator(s) learn how to teach your child from the perspective of his or her strengths.  Availability of this option is conditional upon the child’s educator(s) granting permission for the interview and upon schedule coordination between the Observer and the educator(s).  Advance preparations are necessary. ($100 per student)

     On-site, in you community:  The charge for this service is $800 per individual assessed plus travel expenses for the DISCOVER Observer.  Travel expenses are not charged if the Assessment is coordinated with a time when a DISCOVER Observer is in your area conducting services for a local school or organization or when a trained DISCOVER Observer is based in your immediate area.  Sometimes regional DISCOVER Observers are available resulting in much reduced travel expenses.  Travel expenses can be reduced, also, if you partner with other parents to have additional children assessed on consecutive days.  The same optional components specified above are available on-site if scheduling details are worked out sufficiently in advance.

     International:  Fees at locations outside of the continental U.S. will vary, depending on the distance and circumstances.  Please contact the DISCOVER office for a customized rate plan.

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