University of Arizona
Graduate Credit for DISCOVER Training

Students who are interested in receiving credit for DISCOVER Assessment Observer training must plan in advance.  Credit is based upon pre-enrollment in the university and successful completion of the initial training and practice, the follow-up training, and certification.  Two to three hours of credit can be issued through the Outreach College.  Tuition and fees vary from year to year.  To ascertain the most recent information, please contact the Registration Student Service Office, 520-621-7724. 

Generally, the steps for receiving credit are as follows:

  1. Contact Dr. Maker and indicate that you are interested in receiving credit for your DISCOVER Training.  You must make contact with Dr. Maker four to six weeks before the training as she must set up a course. Contact her at 520-622-8106.
  2. Be admitted as a non-degree graduate student.  The admission must be completed before the training begins.  Students cannot receive credit unless they are admitted to the university.
  3. Complete the on-line application at the UA site.  In search, go to the UA Graduate College website and select a non-degree admission.  You will be required to pay a non-refundable fee at the time of application.


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