Field Editor for Teaching Exceptional Children 1977-1985  
Editorial Review Board for The Journal for the Education of the Gifted     1977-Present  
Editorial Board for Topics in Early Childhood Special Education 1980-1986  
Editorial Board for Challenge:  Reaching and Teaching the Gifted Child 1982-1986   

Editor of Critical Issues in Gifted Education

(A book series created to examine issues requiring in-depth treatment not

possible in quarterly journals.  In each volume, a lead article/critique format

is employed, with critical analysis and synthesis by the editor in 

introductory sections and a concluding chapter.  Each volume is reviewed

by two members of the editorial advisory board.)  


Review Panel for The Gifted Child Quarterly 1984-1990
Editorial Board of Gifted Education International 1985-Present  

Editorial Advisory Board for Psychology and Education of the Gifted

(A Book Series published by Teacher's College Press, Columbia University)  

Editorial Board of Learning Disabilities Research and Practice 1989-1992
Editorial Board of Journal of Learning Disabilities 1991-1996  
Editorial Advisory Board for Understanding Our Gifted 1995-Present
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