The Strength Profile is a report that provides a summary of the DISCOVER Assessment results.  The profile acts as a bridge between the Assessment and Curriculum.  The map of “strengths,” which is included in the profile for each assessed student, can be used to fine-tune and customize lesson plans.  During the Assessment, the Observer(s) looks for the use of 119 problem solving strategies that have been identified as important.  S/he, then, rates the student who is being assessed across 7 categories:  Spatial Artistic, Spatial Analytical, Logical Mathematical, Oral Linguistic, Written Linguistic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.  The rating system used contains five possible levels: (W) Wow!, (D) Definitely a Superior Problem Solver, (P) Probably a Superior Problem Solver, (M) Maybe a Superior Problem Solver, and (U) Unknown If a Superior Problem Solver.  The Strength Profile describes each of the seven categories in general terms and explains how each category contributes to the student's overall abilities.  A profile includes the assessment results for the student who has been assessed across all of the categories and explains what this particular combination of strengths might mean for the student's learning style, educational choices, career choices and general understanding of oneself.  Teachers use this information to better understand which areas need further development and which can be used as learning tools.  Parents, likewise, use the results to tailor the home developmental environment to the strengths of the child.
       As DISCOVER research continues, the Strength Profile will be expanded. 
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