If you are coming to Tucson, the following directions will help you find the DISCOVER office.  We are located on campus, in the Education Building Room 313.  It’s a good idea to call the office number before you arrive, (520) 622-8106, to be sure a staff person can meet you and make any necessary arrangements.  DISCOVER operates a virtual office platform, meaning that staff members often conduct business from home offices or mobile communications in the field.  Occasionally, no one is physically at the office.  In such cases, the phone is forwarded to a staff member who can take your call.

     Handy Tips for Navigating Tucson:  Tucson has mountains on all four sides but you can always find north by looking for the biggest set of mountains (called the Catalina range).  Or, interestingly enough, if you are in the desert, you can always find south by noticing which direction the large, round “barrel” cacti are pointing.  “Streets” in Tucson always run east and west.  “Avenues” run north and south.  Building or house numbers on the south side of a street are always “even”.  Numbers on the north side are always “odd”.  Numbers on the east side of an avenue are always “even”.  Those on the west side are “odd”.  The major roads bordering the University of Arizona are Speedway Blvd to the north, Euclid Avenue to the West, 6th Street to the South, and Campbell Avenue to the East.

     Driving Tips:  Keep in mind that Arizona has a seat belt law.  You can receive a ticket if your seat belt is not fastened at all times when the vehicle is moving, even if you are only a passenger.  Tucson has a new law designed to reduce the number of cars running red lights.  The ticket is very expensive, $250.  Many of the busiest intersections will soon have mounted cameras that will record license plates and tickets will be issued automatically.  The route between the airport and the University, as well as the highway 89, just north of Tucson, are common areas for speed enforcement zones.  Be careful of your speed along these routes.

     Driving From the Airport:  The main road coming out of the Tucson International Airport is called Tucson Blvd.  Continue straight on Tucson Blvd., past Valencia Blvd.  Approximately 2.8 miles from the airport, Tucson Blvd makes a left turn, just before the intersection with Irvington.  Stay on Tucson Blvd through the intersection and around the curve.  Once around the curve, Tucson Blvd becomes Benson Highway (this is important to know when you are returning to the airport because you will turn at Benson Highway).  Move into the right lane.  The next intersection is with Kino Pkwy.  Turn right onto Kino Pkwy and follow it the rest of the way to the University of Arizona.  You will cross two bridges—the first goes over Interstate 10 and the second goes over Highway 210 and the railroad switchyard.  You will cross Broadway Blvd., at which point Kino Blvd changes names to Campbell Avenue.  Continue straight.  After you pass 6th Street, the University campus is on your left; you are traveling north.

     Returning to the Airport:  The above directions are reversed, of course, but the road name changes cause some confusion.  From the University, head south on Campbell Avenue.  Remember that this road changes names to Kino Blvd.  Along the way you will see small green or blue signs with a jet image and arrows.  After you cross the second bridge, the one that goes over Interstate 10, the next intersection is with Benson Highway.  Turn left onto Benson Highway and follow it around the curve, where it becomes Tucson Blvd and runs straight into the airport.

     From the Freeway (Interstate 10 or Interstate 19):  The easiest way to get to the DISCOVER office, from either direction of the freeway, is to exit at Speedway Blvd.  If you are coming from New Mexico, exit and turn right onto Speedway Blvd.  If you are coming from Phoenix, exit and turn left onto Speedway Blvd.  If you are coming from Mexico via Interstate 19, Interstate 19 merges into Interstate 10 before Speedway Blvd.  So after the merger, exit Interstate 10 at Speedway Blvd and turn right.  Continue east on Speedway past Euclid Avenue and Park Avenue.  At this point, the University campus is on the right. 

     From Northern Arizona, via Highway 89:  Highway 89, in Tucson, becomes Oracle Road and eventually become Miracle Mile as you approach Speedway Blvd.  As you come into Tucson, just stay on the same road.  After you pass through the intersections at Flowing Wells and then Glenn Street, the next major intersection will be Grant Road.  Turn left on Grant Road.  Turn right at the next light, onto Stone Avenue.  Take Stone Avenue 1 mile to Speedway Blvd and turn left.  Continue east on Speedway past Euclid Avenue and Park Avenue.  At this point, the University campus is on the right. 

     If you need a place to stay while in Tucson, the following Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels are all close to the University of Arizona.


     Bed & Breakfasts

Casa Alegre Bed & Breakfast Inn
316 E. Speedway
(520) 628-1800
Las Naranjas Bed & Breakfast
415 E. 2nd St
(520) 792-1444
Peppertrees Bed & Breakfast Inn
724 E. University
(520) 622-7167
Catalina Park Inn Bed & Breakfast
309 E. 1st St
(520) 792-4541
Armory Park Bed & Breakfast & Guest House
219 S 5th Ave
(520) 206-9252


Marriott University Park
880 E. 2nd St
(520) 792-4100
Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
1900 E. Speedway
(520) 327-7341

     While you are here, the following restaurants, brewers, and coffee shops have been found to be enjoyable.


El Charro
311 N. Court Ave
La Indita
622 N. 4th Ave


Carusos Restaurant
434 N. 4th Ave
Corleones Italian Garden Restaurant
1035 E. Mabel St


Athens on 4th Ave
500 N. 4th Ave


Sushi Cho Japanese Restaurant
1830 E. Broadway # 148

     Bar/Burgers & Fries

The Bum Steer
1910 N. Stone Ave


Gentle Ben's Brewing Co.
865 E. University

     Coffee Shops

1730 E. Speedway
Epic Café
745 N 4th Ave
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