Mainland China

 The largest project is a cooperative program to adapt the DISCOVER Assessment and Curriculum Models for use in schools in Mainland China.  In a partnership with the Beijing Institute of Education, East China Normal University, and the Ministry of Education in China, adapted and tested the Assessment and Curriculum Models in over 1000 schools in four regions—Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, and Shandong Province. This project began in 2000, with expansion in 2004-2005, through the selection of several demonstration/model schools in various provinces. In 2006, my colleagues have received funding for an international awareness project that will include exchanges between teachers and students in China and the United States.  In 2010, Dr. Maker was invited to present seminars to the Beijing Institute of Education faculty, students, and researchers in Multiple Intelligences. She has been asked to submit a proposal to develop a Chinese version of the DISCOVER assessment.

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